Web Apps & Functions

Anywhere, anytime – give your employees, sales reps, managers and contractors more freedom to efficiently do their job outside of the office.

Functions include:

  • Online Timesheets
  • Job Management Dashboards
  • Manager KPI Dashboard
  • Creditor Invoice Approval
  • Issue Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Requests
  • Additional functions will be added as further development progresses.

Online Timesheet

Online timesheets developed specifically for the service, maintenance and project based industries, allows employees to efficiently enter their labour hours, and allocate this time against jobs, wherever they are.

  • Improved billing accuracy
  • Efficiency gains at field and administration levels
  • Allows employees to enter times when and where it is convenient for them
  • Work supervisors can verify times and accurate allocation to job all on one screen
  • Payroll officers can quickly check worked hours meet award and administrative requirements
  • Seamlessly integrates with standard timesheet and payroll processing in Accrivia
  • Reduces data entry
  • Management of all work types, including Annual Leave, Overtime, Training, Personal Leave
  • Standard leave days (including Public Holidays, RDOs and scheduled Annual Leave) can be automatically entered for employees, and adjusted or overwritten by the employee if required
  • Optionally capture of GPS data and seamless integration with our fixed time clock station add on

Job Dashboard

Get your job supervisors mobile –

Create “do and charge” jobs out in the field, assign jobs to each employee as they’re lodged with the office, enter worked times for both supervisors and all contributing employees (seamlessly adds these times to the employees timesheets), enter materials and purchase orders, get client works completion confirmations and either send the invoice on the spot, or send it back to the office for approval and invoicing.

Manage contract jobs, view progress information, release pending purchase orders, and reschedule stages, all without having to set foot in the office.

Manager KPI Dashboard

The Manager KPI dashboards provide a visual snapshot of what is happening in your business. Designed to help you keep in touch with whats happening when you’re not in the office, we will work with you to determine the most important metrics for your business.

Typical metrics include:

  • Sales & Profit
  • Outstanding Debtors
  • Outstanding Creditors
  • Product Performance
  • Stock cover
  • Quote summary from the previous day
  • Labour costs

These metrics are combined with colour coded benchmarks, set by you to quickly alert you to where attention is needed and the successes your businesses is seeing.

Creditor Invoice Approval

Do you have invoices that require sign off from different areas and roles within the business? Do you have stores/branches located throughout the state and require store managers to sign off invoices before they are processed?

The Creditor Invoice Approval function is simple and will ensure invoices are processed on time, maximising the benefits of on time payment of invoices, without losing a single original invoice.

  • Web users are alerted that they have invoices waiting for sign off
  • Click on the invoice to view key details and a copy of the invoice and any other supporting documentation.
  • Click ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ and enter other comments if needed
  • Accrivia will be updated indicating the invoice is ready for payment.

Issue Purchase Orders & Lodge Purchase Order Requests

Track your supplier expenses against jobs, get rid of the purchase order books and lost paperwork, and simplify your processes using online purchase orders.

Users can instantaneously issue suppliers with a purchase order number, and Accrivia will keep track of who, when and what was ordered, and use this information once you receive the invoice to confidently know what was purchased and what you’re paying for.

Or, allow your employees in the field to request purchases for jobs, which can be checked by supervisors, adjusted, suppliers with best price selected and then lodged with suppliers.

Custom screens and forms to capture data specific to your business

Do your employees need to collect information whilst out on the road? Do you need to prompt them to conduct a safety check before starting a job?

The custom form is as flexible as it sounds – we can work with you to tailor the app as you see fit for your business.

  • Safety check
  • Licence check
  • Customer details and flag for follow up in the future
  • Delivery confirmation and customer signature

This solution is so powerful because information is collected online and flows directly and efficiently into Accrivia, streamlining your billing and administration processes and genuinely reducing paperwork.