Accrivia Feature Released & Roadmap

Here are some of the major feature we’ve released recently and that are planned for release:

Highlighted Features of 2022

Debtors & Inventory

  • Bank Reconciliation Matching with computer learning for improved debtor reconciliation processes
  • Redesign of Stock File Maintenance for improved usability and efficiency
  • New Debtor Order Split screen
  • Additional number of tabs (up to 20) and speed improvements for the Debtor Order Grid Accessory pages
  • Ability to email out Price Lists to all or groups of customers
  • Enhanced Inventory Location handling
  • Handling of Forward Orders that don’t affect customers credit limits and can be isolated for Purchase Orders


  • Single Touch Payroll (V1 2018 and V2 2022) for business ATO reporting compliance
  • Employee reemploy and transfer functionality


  • Tracks – Web based Warehouse and Delivery Scheduling software with Proof of Delivery for drivers that’s fully integrated with Accrivia
  • Fully customisable OH&S screens for deliveries, jobs etc through WebApp


  • Database Archive – archiving functionality and associated speed gains for debtors transactions, system logs and general ledger for sites that have 5+ years data
  • Automate reports to have them automatically sent to email recipients

Coming Soon!!

  • Creditors / Purchase Orders: PDF Imports for Creditor Invoices, with supplier and purchase order handling and mapping
  • POS / Debtors: EFTPOS Integration with POS and payment screens
  • Inventory: A new, more efficient Stock XLS Load screen
  • Payroll: Leave register integrated with timesheets and Pay Calculate screens