WEB: Payroll


For employees on the go or in the office, allow them to enter their timesheets at times and locations convenient for them (including job allocations for billing).

  • Improved billing accuracy
  • Efficiency gains at field and administration levels, and reduces data entry
  • Allows employees to enter times when and where it is convenient for them
  • Payroll officers can quickly check worked hours meet award and administrative requirements
  • Seamlessly integrates with standard timesheet and payroll processing in Accrivia
  • Management of all work types, including Annual Leave, Overtime, Training, Personal Leave
  • Standard leave days (including Public Holidays, RDOs and scheduled Annual Leave) can be automatically entered for employees, and adjusted or overwritten by the employee if required
  • Optionally capture of GPS data and seamless integration with our fixed time clock station add on

Timeclock Station

If you require a time clock station for employees in the warehouse / on site, use the timeclock station in conjunction with (or independantly) to timesheets. Issue your employees with RFID fobs or integrate with a fingerprint scanner for even faster clock on / clock off processes.

Timesheet Approval for Remote Supervisors

For remote supervisors that don’t make it into the office, or third party supervisors (e.g. clients) that sign off on timesheets for invoicing, allow them to complete these approvals online.