Getting Started

We understand that changing over software in a business is not a decision made lightly. Therefore, we work closely with all new clients to understand your needs and build a timeline that works for you.
The steps for getting started with Accrivia:

      1. Arrange a demo
      2. Business Assessment
      3. Quote
      4. Data Collection
      5. Development
      6. Installation
      7. Training
      8. Go Live

Arrange a demo

Contact us to arrange a live demonstration via webinar.

Business Assessment

At this stage we determine what modules you require by discussing your business processes and job flow, current system limitations and any interaction with other systems. We also determine if customisation of the Accrivia system is required.


We can now provide a detailed quote for the modules, licences, installation and training of an Accrivia Software system specifically for you.

Data Collection

Once the quote is accepted, we are ready to collect all data to build your Accrivia database. Data load templates will be provided to you for completion (usually by file export from your current system) for all the modules that you have purchased. Data loads generally include your customer details, chart of accounts, stock listings and prices and supplier details.


Once all data load files have been received, we can build your Accrivia database to your specific requirements.


Once your database is built, we install the system on your server, allowing you to commence training and start to familiarise yourself with the new software.


The following methods are available for getting your team trained and ready to use Accrivia.

      1. Self-paced eLearning – complete your learning in your own time using the product manuals and training videos supplied.
      2. Remote training – a “virtual classroom” led by a facilitator and enables two-way communication and the sharing of screens.
      3. Trainer onsite – personalised training for a single user or your whole team. Includes videos and live demonstrations.

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements so we can develop a training schedule specific to your needs.

Go Live

It is at this time that your new Accrivia system is officially turned on and usage control is handed over to you.

Going forward, our helpdesk is readily available and can be contacted at any time via phone or email to assist with any questions that you may have, help with any technical issues that you may encounter, and ensure you get the most out of your software on an ongoing basis.