WEB: Debtors, Stock & Warehousing

Proof of Delivery

Capture signatures and photos for proof of deliveries on mobile devices, which is then seamlessly accessible within Accrivia.

Resolve customer disputes quickly in terms of claims of inaccurate delivery. Accountability around delivery operators. Reduction in grey area of customer claims, savings on sending stock again.

Stocktake / Stock Adjustments

Simplify your stocktake processes by removing the need for printed stocktake sheets and manual keying

Using the Accrivia Mobile App, allow multiple operators to input stocktake counts for their allocated section.

Entry of Stock on Hand is directly into the system.

Customer Orders

Create customer orders on the Accrivia Mobile App to allow sales reps to input orders against your live stock system on the go.

These orders are approved by a supervisor within Accrivia.

Warehouse Delivery

Manage your orders and deliveries through the Warehouse Delivery Dashboard.

Online ability with live data enables easy scheduling of warehouse order make-up, as well as deliveries. Information can be displayed on large screen in the warehouse, and mobile devices used to complete the transaction.     

Direct Ordering (B2B) between trading partners

Reduce administration time and potential for keying errors by enabling direct Accrivia to Accrivia ordering. Create purchase orders and have them immediately lodged with any Accrivia trading partner.

Also allow your customers to shop at trading partners stores (with authorisation) and have these orders directly channelled into your system, ready for invoicing.