Accrivia – Business Management Software


Debtors (Customers)
  • Labour intensive admin tasks are not automated
  • Inefficiencies around fulfilling customer orders
  • Complex pricing structures
  • Overdue Debtors are impacting cashflow
  • High speed order entry or electronic load of customer order via multiple sources (eg. Web, Excel)
  • Convert quote to Purchase Order to Dispatch Docket to Invoice within a couple of clicks
  • Handles flexible pricing agreements at item or group level including % off, mark up and margin %.
  • Easily identify overdue Debtors and produce bulk email for reminder notice
  • Reduce admin time
  • No more double handing of data – improve productivity
  • Maximise cashflow
  • Flexible payment terms
  • No delay in processing = live up-to-date sales and profit figures at all times
Operations Sales
  • Out of stocks impacting sales
  • Excessive stock cover tying up cash
  • Protecting margins when being price competitive
  • Varied inventory units of measure
  • Automated stock reordering
  • Stocktake and comprehensive stock level reporting
  • Discount pricing levels can be set by Debtor and by Stock Quantity
  • Square metre pricing handling
  • Size handling (eg. each, lm, m2, m3)
  • Just in time stock management
  • Easily identify and reduce slow moving stock lines
  • Manage profit return when offering discounts
  • Accurate pricing and control over any inventory type
Operations Supply Chain
  • Laborious processing time
  • Manage credit requests for non supply or incorrect pricing
  • Avoiding late payment fees
  • Management approval of invoice (and works completed) before invoice is paid
  • Automated payments based on invoice terms
  • One click conversion of Purchase Order to Invoice
  • Automated Credit Request generation based on incorrect pricing / non supply
  • Update stock quantities / job costs from invoice
  • Import invoices direct from suppliers
  • Place invoices on hold awaiting authorisation
  • Reduce admin time
  • Pay-by-date stamping ensuring on time payments
  • Flexible trading terms
  • Attach supporting documentation/files to transactions for reduced filing and/or approval process
  • Flexible payment methods for bank transfers or credit card use
General Ledger & Cashbook(Accounting)
  • Profitability analysis at branch/division level
  • The need to quickly identify underperformance
  • Visibility of company performance budget versus actual
  • Compliance with ATO and financial bodies
  • Ability to report at a branch and total business level
  • Fully integrated with Debtors, Creditors and Payroll
  • Produce ATO compliance reports
  • Electronic bank reconciliation
  • Limit double handling of data
  • Flexible reporting to suit your specific needs
  • Fully integrated system
  • Compliance with legislative requirements. ATO, Superannuation, Workcover, Payroll Tax etc
  • Interpretation of multiple employee awards/agreements
  • Accurate recording of wage expenses and liabilities
  • Capturing of employee times
  • Managing leave and industry based entitlements
  • Awards module – flexible & powerful
  • Timesheet handling – importing from multiple sources
  • Full integration of the payroll module to the General Ledger, Jobs and Cashbook modules
  • Superannuation Contribution Files
  • Efficient & consistent calculation of pay entitlements – less risk
  • Fast and accurate payroll processing
  • Multiple company support
  • Multiple user processing
Job Costing(Project Management)
  • Tracking profitability throughout each stage of a job
  • Accurate WIP and final P&L reporting
  • Labour management
  • Materials management
  • Tracking Estimate versus Actual
  • Flexible billing for client
  • Powerful estimating capabilities
  • Accurate cost capture from all modules giving up-to-date WIP figures
  • Integration with payroll handles complex costing models for all labour capture
  • Accurate tracking of sub contractors for labour and materials
  • Flexible billing for Contract and Do & Charge jobs
  • Agreed schedule of rates for Do & Charge works
  • Comprehensive WIP / P&L reporting for all jobs
  • Project Management and Jobs Supervisor tracking via dashboards and reports
  • Mobile device support for issuing jobs / capturing labour and materials
  • Flexible Purchase Ordering based on job estimates or ‘on demand’ materials for Do & Charge jobs
  • No double handling of data due to system-wide integration
  • Up-to-date forecasting and WIP analysis as job progresses
  • No delays in billing due to mobile device support with client signature
  • Converting data into meaningful information to make smarter business decisions
  • 800+ reports to choose from
  • Automated emailing of reports on a regular basis as determined by you
  • Export to Excel for further analysis
  • Ability to customise reports to suit your exact needs
  • Improve visibility and accountability across your team
  • Data supported decision making
Web Access
  • Improve mobility of your workforce
  • Reliance on paper based forms = manual entry of data and slow turnaround
  • Display and capture data at any time of the day
  • Online timesheet
  • Remote invoice approval
  • Collect customer signatures for sign off of works completed
  • Prompt employees to conduct safety checks
  • Review business performance daily using the KPI dashboard
  • Improve effectiveness of remote / offsite staff members
  • Improve service to customers with relevant information always at hand
  • Reduce risk of keying errors when replicating data
  • Ability to monitor performance anywhere, anytime