F1 Online Help

A key feature in Accrivia is the Online Help – you can press F1 in any screen to bring up the Instruction Manual relating to that screen.

The following documents contain useful tips and tricks for efficiently navigating around and using Accrivia.

Accrivia Screen Navigation (87KB)
Working in Grids (110KB)

Minimum Accrivia Server and Workstation Hardware Requirements


  • Windows Server 2012 64 bit (minimum)
  • Quad core i5 or equivalent Processor (minimum) – i7/Xeon quad core preferred
  • 8gb RAM (minimum) – 16gb preferred
  • 50gb Available Hard Disk Space (minimum) with 7200 RPM drive or better (additional space required if associated files used, allow a minimum of 50gb to 100gb extra).  Encryption on hard drives strongly recommended.
  • 100mbps Network Connection (minimum), gigabit speeds preferred.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

Terminal Servers

  • Recommended where 4+ users are connecting remotely
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 64 bit (minimum)
  • Quad core i5 or equivalent Processor (minimum) – i7/Xeon quad core preferred
  • 8gb RAM (minimum) PLUS additional 256mb RAM (minimum) per Terminal Server User
  • 50gb Available Hard Disk Space (minimum) with 7200 RPM drive or better PLUS additional 5gb Hard Disk Space per Terminal Server User
  • 100 mbps Network Connection (minimum), gigabit speeds preferred.
  • Additional 256mb RAM minimum per Terminal Server Users
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply


  • Windows 8.1/10 – 32 or 64 bit
  • Dual core i5 or equivalent Processor (minimum)
  • 4gb RAM (minimum) – 8 gig preferred
  • 20gb available Hard Drive space
  • 100mbps (minimum) Network Card – Non wireless

Other Notes

  • Accrivia doesn’t support any Windows version prior to Windows 8.1.
  • Accrivia doesn’t support “Home” versions of any Windows Operating System.
  • For sites with less than 4 users, a workstation can act as a server. Please contact Accrivia Support for further details.
  • Support services require a reliable Internet connection.
  • It is preferable that there is NO Microsoft Exchange or other SQL services run on the server.
  • Please note if you plan to employ a Citrix network or other remote app software in your business please contact us in advance.
  • Accrivia suggests the system administration provide backup facilities on a daily and monthly schedule.  Further guidance for backups can be found on this page.
  • Accrivia recommend the use of network printers, and suggest you refer to your IT vendor assist you to select, install and configure these prior to use in the system.
  • Accrivia users require specific permissions to all Accrivia “shared” and “non shared” folders. (Contact Accrivia for further details if required).
  • Accrivia is not currently a DPI-aware application – we recommend you contact the help desk for more information before purchasing a high-DPI monitor.
  • Accrivia is not designed to work across a VPN.  A terminal server is recommended for remote access.

These specifications are under constant revision and are subject to change.  Last reviewed February 2021.

Accrivia Backup Requirements

It is critical to have a rigorous Accrivia backup process in place, and it is important to regularly test the validity of these systems. As a basic guide, your backup process should:

1. Include all critical sources of data (discussed in detail in the following document)
2. Need to be run regularly, preferably daily
3. Use a method incorporating separate periodic and offsite backups
4. Ensure that all backups are valid and are able to be restored

The following document can be used as a starting point to design and check your backup system.  It can also be be useful to your IT vendors when confirming the scope of backups you require for your system:

Download Accrivia Backup Advice