Job Costing

The Jobs module provides an efficient method of tracking costs and revenue for jobs/projects throughout the system, with comprehensive reporting capability. It also provides a simple method for billing customers for works completed, whether for a “contract” or “do and charge” job.

Costing information for jobs is collected from throughout the system whenever a job is allocated via debtors / inventory (materials from warehouse), payroll (timesheets), creditors (purchase orders / invoices), jobs (direct postings) or general ledger (cashbook postings).


All billing for jobs is completed through the Job Invoicing screen, allowing the user to bill at a summarised or detailed level, using predefined mark-up rates (Do & Charge), or a set value or percentage of a contract.

Functions include:

  • Transparent movement from Quotes to Jobs to Job Completion
  • Merging of one job/quote/template section into another job/quote/template section, and creation of jobs, quotes or templates based on existing jobs, quotes or templates.
  • Full financial posting of all jobs including retention with capped values for invoice and Job
  • Fast Batch Invoicing for Do and Charge jobs
  • Contract and Section Variations catered for
  • Estimated versus Actuals reporting, profit reporting, Invoices, Statements, Trial Balance
  • Supplier Orders based on Job Stage
  • Stock definitions for Each, Per Metre, Per Square Metre and per Cubic Metre
  • Stock Kits – allows a stock line to be defined based on quantities of other stock lines
  • Supplier stock prices updated through creditor invoicing used for accurate estimating. Agreed pricing for items generally, and special pricing for items against a project supported.
  • User Definable Job Sections and Sub Sections