Operations Modules

Debtors (Customers)

Reduce administration time and double handling of data by seamlessly converting a quote to an order, and generating the invoice with just a few clicks of a button. Keep on top of outstanding Debtor accounts and maximise your cash flow with automated processes and comprehensive reporting.

    Functions include:
    • Ordering
    • Invoicing
    • Back-Ordering
    • Point-of-Sale, including barcode scanning
    • Quoting, including free-form quoting that internally manages and represents quote documents with word processor like capabilities
    • Standing Orders
    • Mail Merge function (emails are output in HTML supported format)
    • Credit Notes
    • Settlement Discounts
    • Entry and reporting of transactions by Area, Sales Rep or Debtor Type
    • Manual and Automatic reconciliation of debtor payments against invoices
    • Direct Debit Payments – from Credit Card or Bank Accounts
    • Interest, Rent or Fuel charge facility
    • Vehicle Delivery function for shipping orders
    • Fully integrated with all relevant Accrivia modules including Creditors, Inventory, General Ledger and Jobs
    • Associated Files – gives the ability to save and link outside documents such as Account Applications, Credit References etc directly to the Debtor Account for easy reference, saving the need to print paper copies & filing.


Enter and track all information relating to your stock items. Both stock items and non-stock (services) can be used throughout the Accrivia Inventory system.

Items in Inventory are used in conjunction with the Debtors module for sales to customers, as well as the Creditors module for the ordering and receiving of stock.

    Functions include:
    • Automated Stock reordering for low quantities
    • 5 levels of Volume Discount, 6 levels of Debtor Discount per stock line
    • Including and Excluding GST stock price levels
    • Stock definitions for Each, Per Metre, Per Square Metre and per Cubic Metre
    • Automatic “On Special” and “Off Special” date and price definitions
    • Stock Kits (allows a stock line to be defined based on quantities of other stock lines)
    • Storage for two barcodes
    • Individual GL Account updating for stock lines
    • Stock Manufacture – full tracking from Manufacture Request through, scheduling for resources required for manufacturing and Manufacturing Achievement including handling for waste
    • Warehouse Transfers for multi-site clients
    • Stocktake
    • Purchase Orders
    • Comprehensive reporting capabilities to manage capital investments (Stock on Hand, Stock Turn, Stock Cover)

Point of Sale

    • Fast entry and processing time
    • Stock Code Entry or Barcode Scanning
    • Pop-up stock selection screen for invalid or unknown stock codes
    • Docket (thermal and impact) or A4 Printed Receipts
    • Price and Description override available
    • Easy Payment entry with option of splitting payment between available payment types
    • Summary Transaction List available per Cashdraw or Company
    • Internal Department transfer hotkeys available
    • Order Number and Contact Person logging against entry
    • Easy Selection of Accounts for Account Sales and Account Payments
    • Adjustable Trading Date

To view a recorded demonstration of the Accrivia Operations Module go our Online Demonstration page.