With over 800 different reports to choose from, Accrivia’s comprehensive reporting function provides strong visibility across all areas of your business. All reports can be exported as xml, csv, PDF, RTF or emailed for further analysis.

There are specific reports available for all modules and you have the option to create a favourites list for the reports you use most often.

Every report can be customised to report specific data or output data in a specific layout. Such reports are unique to your organisation, and replace the generic report that is run from that location on the report selection screen.

You can also automatically generate certain reports on a regular basis and then email those reports as PDF documents. This function automates the process of providing a specific set of reports that are required by different people at different times of the month –, ensuring the right people get their reports on a regular basis.

Examples include:

  • The Sales Manager needs to see details of sales on a regular basis – possibly even daily.
  • The General Manager only wants to see sales on a Monthly basis, but he also wants a copy of the Trial Balance for Debtors & Creditors as well as a Profit & Loss report for the period.
  • Accounts Payable may wish to see a Creditor Trial Balance at the end of each week.